El Nino Organizing! Seriously?

What does organizing have to do with El Nino? Nothing, except …

El Nino 2015

Leaky roofs, broken windows, backed up sewers line and flooded basements can really dampen your day, night or month. There is nothing worse than being forced to clear out a space due to water damage and have to throw everything out. (Believe me, I just went through it in May.) Nothing is salvable due to the kind of damage or the time frame it takes  to get to it.

SO BE PREPARED! Now’s the time to clear out your old photo albums, the heaping mountains of school work from your kids, the lace dollies from grandma and reference papers for that book you’ve been meaning to write 2 decades in the making.

Don’t just put everything up higher on a shelf, actually cull through your items. Having 39 giant waterproof containers is just as difficult to wade through as your flooded basement. Take action now!

It will feel better if you let go of something because you have made the discovery that you no longer want it, desire it, or get joy from it. Rather than having to dispose of personal possessions because they got destroyed.


Need help getting started, mention this blog for 20% your first 3 hour session for the month of August only. Or you could buy a decent pair of waders.


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