Energy Clearing

Maybe you’re not ready to tackle the clutter just yet, but feel like your space needs a pick me up, or you want to “clear the air” so to speak. I offer energy clearing for your office and home.

What’s Energy? Here’s one way to look at it.

Ever walk into a room after someone has been fighting and you can feel the tension? That’s energy someone else has created.

Flirting, it feels so good. That’s energy you share with someone.

Sometimes you will happen upon a space and it feels so inviting and comfortable. Other times you will stop dead in your tracks and won’t want to move any further into the space. You can’t seem to put your finger on why, but you know how you feel about it. That too is energy.


Our physical space holds energy, whether we create it or it seems to have a life of its own. Sometimes energy can get stuck in our space or in an inanimate object, even stuck in our bodies. If we have been living with it for a really long time we may not notice it any longer. Clearing and moving energy can help to relieve stagnation in our lives and revitalize a space into something new. Sometimes it’s just the boost we need to move in the right direction for ourselves.

If you are interested in energy clearing, please call for a quote or to get more information.