How to De-cultter your Costume Closet

Yes, it’s true! I can not hide it any longer. I have a costume closet and no, I am not a “burner”. Although, I could probably clothe an entire camp for next years burn.

Where did all the costumes come from? Being a parent should give you the first clue. I have also been acting professionally since I was 9. There are costumes from musical and dramatic theater, commercials, industrials, indie films, Halloween, Carnival, performing at Supperclub, and Bow and Sparrow Aerial Dance Company. From teaching dance, costume parties, “my kimono phase”, Mardi Gras and just plain silliness. Most I made myself, some I found at the Village Thrift in the Mission. And those are just my costumes! They don’t include the handmade thigh high pleather boots I made for my son for Pirates of Penzance, or the towering wig and head pieces.

So, what’s a performer to do? Especially when you have created so many wonderful memories.














Let go. Not easy, but sometimes so necessary. My son’s costumes were the easiest to let go of, as he no longer can fit any of them and isn’t interested in keeping them.

Since I am no longer performing, I relieved myself of all the costumes for commercial work, industrials and film. I am pretty sure I won’t be playing the role of a surgeon at home any time soon.

If it didn’t fit or was deteriorating, it got tossed. I did keep all the costumes I created that were laborious in the making and had the most “wow” factor on the audience. In fact, I was pretty impressed by my own inventions. I took Home Economics in 7th grade and received an “F” in sewing.  Go figure.

It was easy for me to let go of all the past halloween costumes. I enjoy creating and can always make something new. But truth be told, there was a funk emanating from the closet and I knew something had to go. That was my inspiration for clearing it out. The stank turned out to be coming from the giant “Ugly Doll” costumes we made years ago. They had got wet and were smelling moldy.

There are a few items I will sell online, but if they don’t sell they will be donated with everything else.

I’m not worried about getting rid of so many creations.  You will be surprised what creative doorways open up when you clear your physical and mental space. In fact, I’m feeling pretty inspired.


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