I “Konmari-ed” my drawers and I HATE it! Part 2.

Yes, I said it. I hate it. Well, maybe hate is too strong of a word. Ok, it’s definitely too strong of a word. But lets go back in time 4 months ago when I wrote my first “Konmari-ed” drawers blog.

Here’s what my drawer looked like the first go around.


I had just finished Marie Kondo’s book “The life-changing magic of tydying up”and was curious to put into action one of the many processes she talks about. I chose… the folding of the clothes. My results were fantastic. I was so excited that I blogged about it. Not only that, I blogged that I LOVED it! It really did seem like magic! I did everything but the final step, which is to use boxes to hold the clothes in place. Why? because I didn’t have any boxes. Although, Marie (we’re on a fist name basis) states that all clothes folded properly will stand on their own. Unfortunately, this is not true once you start using your beautifully folded clothes. Hence, the need for the boxes.

These are my results after a few weeks.


Not so great. As always, follow through is everything. So I got some shoe boxes, cut the lids and placed them in the drawer.

Here is the end result.


Much better. Now when I remove a tank top the whole pile is supported by the box and less likely to flip, fall or wilt into a mess. So, yes, I can follow instructions, and yes, I can make my drawers look neat and have my clothes easily accessible.  Magic? perhaps not. I’m just not sure this is sustainable for me.

This is the tricky part about getting organized. YOU HAVE TO COMMIT. Try and possibly fail. Go back to the drawing board and start over. Organizing is NOT one size fits all. Almost all of the ideas you hear about organizing sound fantastic and are working for somebody, somewhere. The question is… are they working for you? If not, are you willing to step in and change it?

I’ll test run this for another 4 months and let you know what I discover.





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