Inhabit Harmony

If you were on a sinking ship, you’d notice it.
The water would rise around your ankles. The ship would list back and forth, setting you off balance. And as it went down, you would probably make a quick judgment call to abandon ship or go down with it.

What if the vessel of your life had a small hole in it?
It’s barely noticeable; certainly not life threatening at the rate it’s going. Maybe you don’t even know it’s there. Eventually, you would lose headway. You might think, “it’s not that bad, I’ll get to it later”. That slow leak would begin to send you off course.

*   *   *   *   *   *

A few years ago a client had asked me to help their company. They were doing exceptionally well and opened a second location. But after 2 years the new location still had not turned a profit.
The business provided retail goods and services. They had 5 rooms to work with. All were utilized to their full potential but one.
This room had a gorgeous custom made sauna and changing area. The design took up all of the space rendering the room useless for anything else. After the warranty expired, the sauna broke. The company would have to dish out up to $4,000 to have it repaired.  Since then, the room had not brought in any revenue.
“ Why don’t you have it repaired?” I asked.
“I don’t want to invest any more money in it. I’m worried it will break again.”
“Would you consider getting rid of it and use the room for your best selling services?  You’ve told me you have a long wait list for those.”
The client looked shocked and said, “I paid almost $20,000 for that. It’s custom designed. I can’t get rid of it. I think I’m still paying off the credit cards.”
I asked the client to humor me by discussing the potential of the space without it.
We discovered that it would cost less than $400 to transform the space into a new treatment room.
The financial potential of the new room was a maximum of $1500 a day. 
Average daily potential: $600.
Average monthly potential: $15,600.
Average yearly potential: $187,200.
Assuming the average financial potential was met, in a little over a month the original price of the sauna would have been paid for.

In a few more months, the interest on the credit cards would have been paid off. After 6 months, the room would be turning a profit. Unfortunately, the client could not see past the loss of the original cost factor. The space lay unused.
This hole was leaking for over 2 years.
As an outsider it may be easy to see that this space was not working. But when you are living it, it’s not always so clear.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Where in your own life are you letting a slow leak keep you from your greater potential? What part of the past are you holding onto because it held value before?
Is it the piles of paper in your home office space? Is it in your overcrowded bedroom closet? Maybe, it’s the guest bedroom, which has become a storage area?
“It’s not that bad, I’ll get to it later”.
Whatever space you occupy, it should work for you, so you don’t have to spend your time worrying about it.
Are you ready for smooth sailing?

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