The most interesting man in the world! And NO…he doesn’t drink Dos Exquis.


When I heard that Matt Paxton from Clutter Cleaners and A & E’s Reality TV show, Hoarders, was giving a seminar on hoarding, I had to check it out. As a professional organizer interested in many aspects of organizing, why not get info from one of the best. I don’t actually know if he doesn’t drink beer, but he did mention something about Tequila shots.

I am not sure what I expected from hearing Mr. Paxton speak, but I was pleasantly surprised. I almost didn’t go. Perhaps I was concerned that this might be another run of the mill seminar on hoarding and he may be a very dry speaker. I believe… I thought… he might be boring. Boy, was I wrong!

The first thing I noticed is he is exceptionally personable. Before the seminar he walked right up to me as if he had known me and struck up a conversation. He happened to be eating a Kit Kat bar at the time; and anybody who likes chocolate is ok in my book. He grabbed the audiences’ attention right away by telling us some very personal tragic moments in his life and was able to round out his history with humor.

I mean, whoa, this guy is funny!

What I didn’t know was that he wears pantyhose aaaand… wait for it… Spanks. Sorry Joe Namath, you‘ve been outdone. Want to know why? If you’re an organizer you’ll know, if not, you’ll just have to ask him. In fact, ask him anything, he has lived a fascinating life. He studied Economics and was an economist for the Federal Reserve. For 6 months. Now that’s funny. Or at least his delivery of it was. He is highly intelligent, intellectually and emotionally. That was obvious right off the bat. This guy knows his stuff. He’s been doing it for over a decade.

I think what took me aback is his humanity. I’ve heard several professionals speak about hoarding and they all lacked the intelligence and compassion that Mr. Paxton seems to have in spades.

He spoke on many topics: safety, health, mental health, communication, etc. I wish I could go into depth about what he covered in terms of hoarding, or even his personal life. But I could never do it justice. The biggest take way I got was, “it’s not about the stuff, it’s about the people.” This man is just down right kind. He gets it. He gets people. He makes you feel like family.

If I had a family member in need, I would want Matt and his team on my side, full of compassion and heartfelt truths. And well, of course, humor.

Matt, thanks for the laughs and insights. The next time you are in the Bay Area, the tequila is on me.


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