Organizing is the New Yoga

yoga poseWell…no, not really. But I did just finish my yoga class today and had a little moment and thought I would share that with you. My yoga instructor is uber groovy. She talks about science, metaphysics, ecology and love. I must be an old hippie at heart because this speaks deep into my soul.

She continuously reminds us that “yoga is a practice”, “be aware of your breath”,  “do no harm” and “start where you are”.

Today these sayings took me outside of yoga and into my daily life. They can all be applied when organizing.

Organizing is a practice. It is a life long, ever-evolving process. It requires you to practice and if you can to do so everyday. When something in your life changes, so will your organizing needs. Be mindful, it takes time.

I can’t tell you how many clients I coach on breathing as they begin to get nervous or frustrated during a session. Sometimes it’s a simple, ‘lets take a deep breath’, or I’ll ask if they are aware of their breath or that they are holding it. Breathing is a great tool to focus on when organizing. It can calm the body and brain and realign the nervous system. You can you allow your inhale and exhale to deepen your practice of organizing.

More often than not, when we are organizing, we have negative thoughts. “Oh my god, I’m never going to finish this, when did it get so bad, how come Joanne’s office is manicured so nicely”. Do no harm. Turn that phrasing around. “ I am going to get to what I can today. Moving forward I am going to make a better choice”.

Self-sabotage derails motivation. You are your own best cheerleader, even if the cheer is negative. Be kind. You are exactly where you need to be. You can not start anyplace else other than where you are. Remember, it is a process.

Some of us can never get deep into the pose, but we can move deeper within ourselves to make the truest discovery. The same is true of our physical space. Moving deeper into organizing and aligning our space to really serve our life as it stands today. Creating space for more joy, more life, more everything.

Can you find your Warrior Pose at work? Are you the Tree Pose in your family? Does your space support any of that?

And if none of this makes sense to you, hit reset and get into Savasana.

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