Out of sight… Out of mind…

OldMotorcycleJacketHow do you know when it is time to let something go?

Your old motorcycle jacket, that vase your grandma gave you, those “antiques” you are keeping to sell on eBay someday.

You haven’t used it in years. It’s not out where you can see it. Or you just plain forgot you had it.

Anything ringing a bell?

Take the item in question and put it out where you will see it Everyday. Put it on the kitchen table, next to your computer, or on the bathroom counter.

Leave it there for at least a week. Give it time to speak to you. Notice if you are happy to see it or if it is becoming an annoyance. You might find that you make a decision right away about its necessity or lack thereof.

If you can’t quite figure it out, use it for its intended purpose.

A book; read it.

Clothing; wear it.

A tool; use it.

Enjoy it or share it. If that becomes more time consuming and aggravating than you expected, your item might be saying, “let me go”.

Clearing away the things that don’t bring you joy, gives you space and time for the things that do.

What’s holding you back?

Christina Ardemis
Professional Organizer

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