I had the pleasure of working with Christina after I moved into my new home. I have 2 small children and I am not rich on time. I hired her to help me organize the most important room in our house. The kitchen!  In the past I have just emptied boxes and put items where ever they would fit and that is where they stayed. She made me think about what is important and what I use the most. That said she went to work emptying my boxes and organizing my cabinets so they made sense.
I loved it! Everything has a home and I have left all my kitchen items in the same place with no plans of moving them. She was a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her to help who ever is in need of organizing.

~ Feliz D.


I can’t say enough about how helpful Christina is! My husband drives me batty with his pack rat ways and loves to stack papers and boxes and flippen milk crates(!!!!) around his computer. We are well into our forties people! Milk crates and cardboard boxes?? And yes his computer is in the living room. He still had cassettes and VHS tapes stacked too. Lots of them. And baseball hats….sigh. cassettes???? Really there are no words I could write about cassettes that you cannot already understand other than the fact that we DON’T EVEN HAVE A WAY TO PLAY THEM.

Enter Christina! Thank GOD, the heavens and all that is holy in the universe!!!!! She is understanding, hardworking, smart, funny, THERAPUTIC, fair, talented, efficient, resourceful, affordable, and really just a DANG LIFESAVER!!!

10 stars!!!!!!!

~ Jen S.


The first time I utilized Christina’s services was to help me organize my purging process as I was moving my daughter’s belongings out of my room (which we had been sharing for a few years) into her room – or out the door. Christina was like a magician – seemingly effortless in gently and assertively keeping me moving through the process with her methodical approach while also motivating my daughter to stay focused with the task at hand with age-appropriate assignments. Brilliant!

I sought out Christina’s services a second time when I was trying to figure out a new way of arranging the furniture in my awkward-shaped living room. Within minutes she had a suggestion that brought the room together in a way that felt cozier and more conducive to actually “living” in the room. In the 15 years I’ve been re-arranging that room it had never occurred to me to do it that way. Genius!

Christina perfectly blends her organizational skills with spot-on intuition to bring peace into lived in spaces.

~ Kimberly P.


Christina recently helped me with a long overdue reorganization of my garage. The space was cluttered and overflowing with boxes and other stuff that collected and got out of control following a home renovation project. Within only two hours, Christina made an enormous difference and set me on the right track to finding a place for everything. She had great ideas on how to best utilize my space, and helped me figure out which items I needed easier access to.

Christina encouraged me to give away the things I truly no longer had use for, and even prompted me to unpack and sort out that one box that remained packed through several moves.

Christina is not afraid of hard work or getting dirty, she enthusiastically jumped into sorting out all the extremely dusty items in the garage and helped clean as we went through everything. She quickly assembled a shop-vac I had purchased months ago but was still sitting in the box! She even helped me move around some furniture.

At the end of our organization session, Christina pulled out some catalogs to suggest storage containers and solutions that may work well for me. She had measured my shelves and was able to recommend sizes that could fit well.

Christina is both professional and pleasant to work with, I would highly recommend  for your home organization projects!”

~ Tara N.


I’ve worked with Christina of Ardemis Organizing for 30 hours over the past 6 months. She has helped me purge (and donate) stuff, get organized, and become more efficient in my home and work spaces. I never felt judged about my piles of stuff or the lack of organization in my home and office when we started working together. Christina is very hard working, caring and skilled. She asks, “What do you want to accomplish?” and then rolls up her sleeves, jumps in and completes the tasks necessary along with you. Christina comes prepared with many of her own organizing tools and supplies. Best of all: She takes Visa.

~ Anne W.


If you are finally tired of all the clutter around your house or office, have Christina come in to help you free your life.  I have over 10 years of “stuff” that has piled up in my house from neglecting it and I hired Christina to come in to help me clear it out.

She has been great! She is so patient. So goes over each and every little scrap of paper and will assess with you of it’s importance to keep or to toss. If you decided to keep it, she will gently ask YOU to really analyze if it really that important to keep. She lets YOU make the decision and doesn’t judge you for it. But somehow, she knows just the right words to say that will lead you to the right decision for you.

Her demeanor is warm, trusting but somehow also firm (but you would never know it).  She realizes the emotional aspect of the job and will hold your hand through the whole process.

She gives you a 1 hour free consultation where she will go over what and where you want to work on and will the give you her assessment as to how to start and then you go from there.

We are still “going” cuz 10 years can really pile up but with Christina’s help I am finally making some progress.”

~ Lorraine M.


My challenge was to create an organized desk and filing system in my home office which has limited space and is located in an open, high-traffic area in my home.

Christina helped me create a simple and intuitive system that fits perfectly with my existing desk and storage system. She was efficient, orderly and listened to my needs.

Now, I have a clear functioning space that doesn’t overflow into my home, and I couldn’t be happier or more productive. I’m loving my freedom at my desk.”

~ Diane W.


I have had first hand experience of Christina’s talent for bringing order out of chaos. It is remarkable.

She came to work at a family business that had, in 30+ years of operation, some pretty rigid and “out of date” procedures; “cause that’s the way it was always done”. She brought ‘fresh’ eyes to see the problems and a series of solutions and innovations that had very real and positive effects on the day-to-day running of the store. The solutions to all the clutter (30+ years worth!) alone – just made it a more pleasant working environment, and had a marked effect on the employee’s morale.

Her suggestions and innovations to our actual business practice also had a demonstrable effect on our sales and customer relations. Add to that her thoroughly professional demeanor and delightful personality and the result is a professional I have no hesitation in recommending to one and all. You will be pleased with her contribution to your home or business environment.”

~ David K., Midtown Loan Office, S.F.


It was a great help to have you there to help me power through what would have taken me MUCH longer and I know I would not have been so thorough. It was also really helpful to have you cart away all the stuff that you did, so thank you!”

~ Aura D.


Ardemis Organizing is the best thing that ever happened to my kitchen!!!”

~ Jen M.


Christina is a most amazing guide through the maze of clutter that I  can create for myself. She helps me clear my mind so that I can clear my space so that I can achieve more with less effort. Isn’t that the key! Thanks to Christina, I am keeping a better space for myself to work and play in.”

~ Brent J.