Square Peg, Round Hole

Do you remember the shape sorter box you had as a very young child? A specific shape fits into its matching hole on each side.

How many times did you become deeply frustrated? You know the square peg fits somewhere, but what’s right in front of you is the round hole. You keep trying and trying. And then, eventually, something different happens. You begin to look for where it will fit, as opposed to trying to make it fit in the space that’s right in front of you.

You change your perspective.

One of the biggest organizing obstacles we face in our lives is, our furniture. It comes to us in many ways. We inherit it.  We brought it with us from college or it came with the building we leased. And we have a tendency to keep it forever.

Our lives change at break neck speed and so too do the needs of our space. The desk system that you bought when you first started your business, no longer supports your needs 6 years later. Yet you are still trying to fit everything in there.

The standing floor lamp your parents gave you because they thought it was a nice touch to your barren apartment, no longer fits in with your newly purchased home.

How about the desk, dresser, kitchen hutch, dining table or armoire that your Uncle Bjorn carried over the Fjords and has been in the family for 4 generations?

 I think you know where I’m going with this.

Whatever the scenario, if you don’t have the appropriate furniture for your needs, no matter how you arrange it, or what you put with it, it will never properly support your life.

Take a look around. Has your furniture outlived its usefulness? Can you look past its original intent and function to see if it still has purpose for your lifestyle now?

You might discover that all your pieces fit in their proper place.

Or… you might be having a garage sale next weekend.


Sometimes we have to dismantle everything that’s right in front of us in order to create a new vision for our lives.




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