Take one, Please!



Have you ever been to a luncheon, an event or conference where they are handing out bouquets, party favors or a companies newest product? You take it home excited you received something which surely you will use, enjoy or just plain feel great about because it was free.

3 days later you have an empty vase, another reusable plastic bag with a company logo and some paperwork and tools that have nothing to do with your lifestyle.

What do you do now?

If you can’t stop yourself from taking “free” stuff, allow yourself permission to donate it after you bring it home. Don’t hem or haw about “well…, maybe I’ll use it later?”

I picked up this beautiful flower arrangement from a friend’s party. Tomorrow I am going to compost the flowers and then donate the vase. I don’t have space in my cupboards. I am not going to make a small fish tank or terrarium out of it. It’s taking up space in my head and home. If I allow it to do that, then it’s not really free. It’s costing me something. Liberate yourself!

Seriously, you are not going to make a mini cactus garden out of that. I know you think you are, but really, it is just piling up behind all the other projects you have been meaning “to do”.




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